28th January 2017

About Ariadna

Ariadna’s yoga journey began in 2013, when she moved to London and found in this ancient practice hard work for the body, peace for the mind and a remedy for the soul. Yoga is her lifestyle now, on and off the mat. Ariadna teaches a soft and mindful vinyasa flow, based on the vinyasa krama system with a strong focus on the breath and alignment. Her classes include pranayama, philosophy, meditation and creative asana flows. Ariadna completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training with Rahoul Masrani, from Yoga London, and holds a course on Mindfulness. Always a student first, eager to learn and continue in the never ending journey that is yoga, she has attended workshops with Kino MacGregor, David Swenson, and Dharma Mittra amongst others.

salamba sarvangasana yoga ariadna

Her Yoga Classes

Ariadna’s classes are designed to connect the body, mind and soul using concepts of ancient yoga philosophy and mindfulness. Her class includes powerful meditation, energising pranayama, and soft yet invigorating asana. The philosophical focus of her class are based on the ancient Yoga Sutras. The creative sequences linked through breath are designed using Vinyasa Krama, an intelligent way of safely progressing from fundamental to more challenging poses respecting the body. In the physical body, this practice will lead to improved strength, balance and flexibility; it will also aim to create space in the mind and bring awareness into the present moment.

yoga chitta vritti nirodha

yoga is the restraints of the modifications of the mind

Follow her on @arigador_yoga for daily inspiration.

Splits or Hanumasana Ariadna