28th January 2017

About Ainània

Ainània is a biologist, ESO teacher + Bachelor of Experimental Sciences and teacher of yoga. She is an enthusiast of life by the sea and with rebellious spirit. She loves to try all the sports and activities that keep her, and in her you will find diversity, creativity and touches of humor. But above all you will find it in the water, doing Surfing, Kayaking, Paddle Surfing or Diving. Or maybe running down the beach!

She was born in the Empordà (Costa Brava) and it shows in his blood and his classes, they contain the energy of the wind and the serenity of the countryside. For her, yoga is not a sport, it is a way of life.

Formed in integral Yoga (500h) * in Barcelona, ​​she continues her continuous training throughout Europe with high level teachers, from Copenhagen in Ashtanga Yoga with Kino MacGregor to Malta in SUP-Yoga *. She is also certified in the Dharma Yoga Wheel *, created in New York.
* Certified by the Yoga Alliance.

She calls her style ‘Evolution Urban Yoga’, a style where she mixes the best of each discipline. The correct body alignment, understand the postures from the anatomical point of view, flow with creativity and how the body and mind are in one place to work at par.

With our lifestyles we have created the need to practice yoga, but we are cosmopolitan, we do not live in an ashram, and we must adapt the discipline of yoga to our world today. This is urban yoga, making this discipline your lifestyle without leaving our life aside. Evolution refers to the progress that we are going to get from flexibility in our body and our mind.

Do not miss the sight on Instagram @ainania_yoga, you’ll see it as Nike Trainer in the Barcelona Box or leading Social Media Projects YogaBodyFitness aerial yoga.
I hope it recharges you of energy!