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About Gaudium Vita

“Gaudium Vita” is our personal brand that comprises everything in our lives related with our yoga lifestyle: asana, meditation, conscious eating and calmness.

The integral translation is “Enjoy life” which for us means choosing to put yourself first, regarding diet and exercise, without suffering. Taking care of our body and mind must be a pleasure and we should enjoy everything we do for ourselves.

Most people get really stressed trying to match job schedules with family, doing sport, cooking… ending up in a vicious circle. As a result, taking care of ourselves ends up being a luxury for those who have a more relaxed schedule or better determination.

This blog pretends to show, through our daily lifestyle, how it is real and possible to combine a healthy life and have social/family life.

We are not heros, we are not perfect, we sweat, we have lazy days too… But taking the right healthy choices makes your life happier. Maintain an active lifestyle not to get fit, but to achieve your inner peace, you will notice the benefits in you external welfare.



Earth child and with a creative soul, Ainània is an enthusiastic yogini and teacher based in the stunning region of Empordà, where she gets inspiration from the sun, the sand and the mountains.


Born in Barcelona and living in London, Ariadna is about to become a yoga teacher. Scientist, yogi, foodie and co-founder of this webpage, follow Ariadna for daily inspiration of a Londoner yogini.


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