Chandra Namaskar adapted for SUP-YOGA

[ES] Hola muy buenos días! Ahora sí que sí, ya estoy inscrita en la formación de SUP-YOGA en Malta! De mientras, me voy preparando lo mejor que puedo, y voy adaptando posturas y creando secuencias… Ayer salió un post que escribí para SPSurf sobre el Saludo a la Luna (Chandra Namaskar) adaptado a mi manera Read more about Chandra Namaskar adapted for SUP-YOGA[…]

Deepen your practice with the Yoga Wheel

[EN] A yoga wheel is a new yoga prop conceived to assist yoga practitioners in backbends and inversions. It was introduced in the market about one and a half years ago, and I only knew about it when Ainània told me about 2 months ago. We then started looking for #yogawheel pictures on Instagram and Read more about Deepen your practice with the Yoga Wheel[…]

Our beginnings, types of yoga and how to get started

[EN] Meaning of yoga Yoga, from the Sanskrit, means “union” or “connection”. Connection of body, mind and soul. Connection with the nature, with our inner self, and with other practitioners experiencing their personal journey. Although at first it may be difficult to accept it, yoga is more about a journey rather than about being able Read more about Our beginnings, types of yoga and how to get started[…]