Choosing a yoga studio in London

Hello my dear Londoners! As every #yogi living in the city I have to make a decision: which is the best yoga studio for me? Which is the studio with better facilities, with the yoga styles that I like, with a good location, great teachers…? Many questions to answer…



I have been living in London for three years now and I have been practising yoga for the same amount of time. However, to be honest I haven’t been to many yoga studios, mainly because I am a student at UCL and there is a fantastic Yoga society there where you only pay 25 pounds for a year of yoga with fantastic teachers like Paula.

I want to take my practice very seriously now, I am about to start the Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga London and I want to have a strong asana practice. I want to try different yoga styles and different teachers. To sum up, I need more yoga and this is why I have decided to join a yoga studio and go there as much as I can.


Urban badass

I think the only way to find the perfect studio for me will be to try them all! 😉 These are the studios that I want to try (for the moment):



In love with Triyoga right now!

I will be taking advantage of their introductory offers and trying them all in order to make up my mind and choose my yoga studio.

If you live in London, which is your studio? Do you have any recommendation for me?


Thank you yogis!


Ariadna 🙂


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